The Muse of my Cat Art

I had a black cat Rebeka, who inspired me to create my Collection of Cat Art called Cats of Karavella. She was not only my furry pet friend, but also my muse, and till today I am sharing her memories with my fans and followers.

When recently I was invited by Cara Imperato, that she will start a new series in her blog of Kitty Curator, and she would like to honour me to be the first Cat Artist she writes about, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Insomnia Black Cat Art by Dora Hathazi Mendes

While I was searching for suitable photographs for her article, I remembered, and relived a big part of my life. Her questions brought up memories, sweet ones, happy ones, and difficult times, because in fact we are talking about 16 years from my existence.


The post came out awesome, and summarise my relation with my Cat Muse, Rebeka.

You can read her post about us titled Artist Dora Hathazi Mendes and Her Muse, Rebeka the Cat . I hope you will enjoy it, and also the Blog of Kitty Curator , who wanders the world-wide web in search of cat inspired art and handmade goods help us Cat Artists to be discovered, and connect to the World.

To find out more about my Cat Paintings visit my website for my Cat Art Gallery , or my Zazzle Shop Cats Of Karavella dedicated only for products based on my cat paintings.

Dora Hathazi Mendes


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