Three cat paintings

Another three cat art from my Cat Portraits Collection.

First of all a watercolor painting to remember the beloved Princess, this beautiful calico cat! She was a feral sister of the handsome twin cats Meeka and Vincent, who I introduced before, and unfortunately died in a car accident!

The second artwork is about Nefertiti, an Abyssinian cat painting. The Aby is often said to look as if they had just walked straight out of the wild. That’s because of his ticked coat pattern, which resembles that of wild cats such as cougars. Burned Sienna, Cinnamon, large almond shaped green eyes, equal with a warm and glowing appearance, and Nefertiti the 14 years old Abyssinian represent this gorgeous breed with the elegance of a beautiful queen!

And finally a portrait about Carter, a white cat with an eye patch.Β Β It is not at all easy to paint a white, fluffy cat, but fortunately Carter has a pretty patch around one eye, so my painting session was not only searching desperately some shadows on a white cat, but I could play around his eyes to make the resemblance easier!

If you would like to volunteer to be my next cat model, please visit myΒ Cats of Karavella AtelierΒ Facebook Page, you can send me there photos of your cats in any of my post comments. Probably your cat will be my next muse for a lovely watercolour cat painting.

I am also open for custom orders about your pets, for inquiriesΒ  pleaseΒ contact meΒ at myΒ Online Art Gallery!

Have a purrfect day!

Dora Hathazi Mendes


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