Fluffy Birmans and Cute Kittens

I would like to share with you two commissioned portrait about the Birman sisters. Kadife is a sweet little pirate kitten. She lost one of her eye due to acute glaucoma, because she was lucky to be treated by a good vet who knew which is the best decision in cases like hers. She is a charming fluffy creature, living a very happy life with her sister Kutsal, in Norway!Β Both sisters are beautiful creatures, and I enjoyed to paint about them equally. I am not able to decide which is more cute, I believe it must be amazing to have two fluffy hairball as company at home!

My third painting was made of a photograph about April and Adele, the sweet tabby kittens. What is more cute than a kitty? Two cute cuddling kittens! These sweethearts just cannot get enough from eachother, and it is exactly what they call a cuteness overload!

If you would like to volunteer to be my next cat model, please visit myΒ Cats of Karavella AtelierΒ Facebook Page, you can send me there photos of your cats in any of my post comments. Probably your cat will be my next muse for a lovely watercolour cat painting.

I am also open for custom orders about your pets, for inquiriesΒ  pleaseΒ contact meΒ at myΒ Online Art Gallery!

Have a purrfect day!

Dora Hathazi Mendes


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