Watercolour Cat Art by Cats of Karavella

First of all a lovely calico cat who has a unique name, which is Sassafras, but everybody call her Sassy! She is a timid girl, with some anxiety, so for her to escape to the garden is not a big temptation! But she loves to play fetch, and feel very safe with her humom, Erin!

Watercolor cat paintings by Dora Hathazi Mendes Cats of Karavella Atelier

Watercolor cat paintings by Dora Hathazi Mendes Cats of Karavella Atelier

The second painting was inspired by a lovely photograph which I received recently about my favourite models, cute tabby kittens! A sweet image about Milo and Tigger some time ago, after they were adopted. Thank you so much Kim for your photograph, and congratulation for you kitties being selected as models for my Cat Portraits Collection!

And finally aΒ commissioned watercolour cat portrait about the sweet, short haired calico called Jesse, the beloved Russian Blue cat Leelee, and the beautiful long haired Tortoise Shell Suki! Thank you very much Gisella for your custom order, it was a pleasure to paint about them!

If you would like to volunteer to be my next cat model, please visit myΒ Cats of Karavella AtelierΒ Facebook Page, you can send me there photos of your cats in any of my post comments. Probably your cat will be my next muse for a lovely watercolour cat painting.

I am also open for custom orders about your pets, for inquiriesΒ  pleaseΒ contact meΒ at myΒ Online Art Gallery!

Have a purrfect day!

Dora Hathazi Mendes


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