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Art by Dora Hathazi Mendes. Paintings, prints and related products from Karavella Atelier

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First of all let me introduce myself. I graduated at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design MOME Budapest, Hungary in 2002 as Textile Designer specialized in handwoven textiles. After the University I was working as a freelance designer, produced hand woven textiles, blinds, cushions for private customers using an antic loom originated from Finland.

Soon meanwhile of emerging deeply in my creative activity, I established family and accompanied my husband in abroad and lived during 10 years in 4 different countries (Bucharest-Romania, Warsaw- Poland, Sta Cruz-Portugal, Lilongwe- Malawi ) having children and seeking for inspiration.

As my loom would have been too big to take it with me I started to paint again, and to take photographs during the journey about everything what came across while encountering with different cultures. My main inspiration was my cat, as well other animals, wildlife, nature, and historical buildings, landscape, people, etc. In my paintings I prefer bright, vibrant colours, and drew inspiration from the organic and geometric forms, and motives and angular contours of Art Nouveau Movement.

In my Blog I would like to introduce you my Cats of Karavella Collection, which contains my most known, and bestseller Cat Art from Karavella Atelier and everything which cause my fascination for these gorgeous, sophisticated animals. For more information about these cat paintings, visit my Cats of Karavella Blog

Also I will showcase my other artworks of mine. You can read more about these painting in my Karavella Atelier Blog

Rebeka With Dora Hathazi Mendes

Rebeka With Dora Hathazi Mendes

My Art available as originals, prints and products, and as a wide range of unique items related with my Cat Paintings. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and find quality prints or gifts for yourself, or for your Cat Lover friends.

Currently I live in Portugal, and work at Karavella Atelier which is located in a lovely picturesque seaside village 60 km to the North from Lisbon.I am a happy mother of two boys, with a loving Husband, and although I consider myself as a “crazy cat lady”, the 5th member of our family is a adorable Podengo Puppy 🙂

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